WOW! and the Way of Wade

WOW!DALLAS – Last week the excitement at FREEDAM Records rang through the halls as another form of WOW! took shape.  We have seen a church and restaurant use the popular term.  On February 25, it was announced that Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat has embraced the WOW! expression, as well.  It’s a very popular saying that is a perfect nickname for Dwayne, when considering his amazing accomplishments on and off the court.

As Dangerous Rob’s music video moves it’s way to TV stations and internet streaming sites (like popular webpages hosted by 50 Cent and Plies), it is apparent that WOW! has an extended life and will be around for awhile, especially with someone like Dwayne Wade embracing it.

When asked about the recent announcement of the Way of Wade (WOW), Dangerous Rob said, “It was humbling to see an NBA star and one of my favorite players with a similar background to mine embrace the popularity of WOW!”  Rob further stated, “WOW! is a universal expression used by many people and the kids seem to enjoy using it, too.”

On the same day of the news article, Dwayne posted a tweet saying, “So what do y’all think about my new nickname WoW…. Means (wayofwade)???”

In response to Dwayne’s tweet…… You can quote us as saying, “Dwayne, WE LOVE IT.”

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