Tulsa Label Takes Positive New Direction

TULSA – What’s in a name? History can be found in a name. In this case, about 20 years of history from Hoover Street in Los Angeles back to the roots of Dangerous Rob in the streets of Tulsa.

Dangerous Rob capped off the year in 2006 with a “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the Hip Hop Ball hosted by Hard in the Paint Productions and sponsored in part by The Source Magazine and local urban radio station 105.3FM KJAMZ. Rumors abound that DJ Michael Watts was also in the house that night.  You can see the highlights of the awards ceremony on at

Despite the odds, Dangerous Rob has progressed with his music in a very positive way. The latest sonic mixes and booms found in his mixtape production is a direct reflection of this progress, and is being hailed as a potential collector’s item due to a limited number of releases and celebrity guest appearances.

To further illustrate how Dangerous Rob has risen above the odds of society, Rob was raised by his grandparents until the age of about 15 and then by street friends like many black males in today’s society. Despite these odds, Dangerous Rob is proving he has a lot to offer. He contributes to his community in many ways with public speaking to youth and community events every year like the 5th Annual Family Affair event, which he proudly co-sponsors with local radio station 105.3FM KJAMZ. After all, family is very important to Dangerous Rob because he is now a father himself.

This press release comes at an interesting time, as he repositions himself as a leader and pioneer from his days as a “battle rapper.” Dangerous Rob’s name was further capitulated by the ways of the street in his youthful days. Now, he finds solace with his team at F.R.E.E.D.A.M. Records. In other words, “For Real Each Every Dude About Money.” They are organizing and preparing for hopefully the biggest year the label has yet to see. Money makes the world go round and Dangerous Rob is making plans to position himself, his team, and the label in a new way this fiscal year, due to the amount of support that he has been receiving and inquiries as a result of his tenure in the business.

When asked to explain future plans, Dangerous Rob said, “We [FREEDAM Records] intend to release another video for the song What I’m About, a short film project with other well-known Oklahoma rappers like Nitro and Young Hustlaz, plus his concerted efforts with the luminary Dogg Pound, and ultimately the release of his newest album in 2007.”

It was also stated that he is anxious for FREEDAM Records because they have a President who shoots music videos that have been debuted in Hollywood and 10 other markets – to include international film festivals and receive awards. Plus, a Vice President having been mentored by people like Bruce Miller (Mariah Carey, Miles Davis, and producer of the theme song to TV show Frasier to name a few) and Leo Okeke (engineer to New Kids on the Block, Marky Mark, and Tulsa’s very own 918), and this VP has agreed to take on the rock and roll bands and help with hip hop projects, as the team seeks to conquer what is known as the cross-over market. They are currently shopping around to various publishing houses, distribution centers, and other labels to get the best deal possible to support their independent artists. — STS

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