July 30, 2014
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100 Stacks Debut

After 7 albums, Dogg Pound Next Generation General, Dangerous Rob, is on the horizon of celebrating his 25th landmark year officially in the music business by heating up the summer with his first single from the album “Dangerous Ways”.  The celebratory single, “100 Stacks”, is titled to be a ladies anthem which is already garnering comments on Twitter with the pre-release in markets like Dallas, Houston, Chicago, New York,  Oklahoma and of course — the city of Los Angeles.

 Dangerous Rob – “100 Stacks”
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August 3, 2013
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Paiday Inc. Takes DPNG International

LOS ANGELES – Hold up.  Wait a minute.  It’s Dangerous Rob and Dogg Pound Next Generation (DPNG) up in it.  Through his interview, Dangerous Rob talks to Hype Magazine about his relation with Paiday, Inc. and he covers the much anticipated international Resurrection of Hip Hop #TROHH concert in South Korea at Icheon Songdo Park on September 6 – 8, 2013.

To celebrate and prepare for this moment, the Dogg Pound Next Generation, will meet with their new international management firm in Los Angeles to promote their first major album release.  The self-titled album, Don’t Play No Games (DPNG), is expected to do well.  The group’s international management firm, Paiday Inc., will be on hand to talk about the upcoming concert in South Korea, as well as tentative plans for the future.

Dangerous Rob stated, “This has been a long time coming, but reflects the dedication, passion, and persistence necessary to make bold, big moves in a tough music industry.”

DPNG is a movement that currently features “6 Different Faces from 6 Different Places” with members strategically placed in metropolitan markets.  The General, Dangerous Rob, has patiently developed the music and mission of the group.  When asked about the slow progression, he stated, “I am very pleased with the group’s targeted efforts to protect the brand as we inched our way to international acclaim and the first finish line.”

CEO of Paiday, Inc. Management further stated, “I will reiterate my last quote:  To take Dangerous Rob and his record label’s efforts international is a true source of pride and accomplishment. After all, The Dogg Pound needs no introduction.”

Brace yourself. Buckle up. And get ready for the resurrection of hip hop #TROHH.

Danny Talevski (Paiday)
CEO & Directing Manager

Paiday Inc.
601 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017 USA
101 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000 AUSTRALIA

E –
W –

June 11, 2013
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STARTED FROM THE BOTTOM NOW WE HERE( June 10, 2013 — It’s no secret hip hop has gone worldwide and become a contagious global mystery to early music naysayers. Through the decades hip hop has grown and changed, too. The evolution of this process has resulted in the global reach and The Resurrection of Hip Hop World Concert Series in South Korea.

Dangerous Rob and DP Next Generation has inked an International Management deal with CEO, Danny Telvski, who is the founder of Australian based International tour and management company, Paiday Inc. The evolution of hip hop is now at it`s height internationally and the world is set to embrace Dogg Pound Next Generation, a group formed from the DPGC Idol contest by West Coast platinum producer Daz Dillinger and V.P of Marketing and Promotions of DPG Records Arnold “Bigg A” White. Through the support of independent label FREEDAM Records this group of diverse emcees has been building their rap catalog in preparation of their world debut.

When asked about the International Management agreement with Australia based Paiday Inc., Dangerous Rob said, “It’s refreshing to know there are people in the world who understand what we’ve been doing to protect the brand, build a conglomeration of diverse emcees, and prepare for a bold, big move.”
DP Next Generation consists of 6 different faces from 6 different places. The General, Dangerous Rob, resides in Dallas, Texas by way of Tulsa,Oklahoma. Hailing from San Jose and now resides in Las Vegas is J-Tripz. Chaotic is from San Jose, California and now reside in Virginia representing the DMV . The streets of Atlanta bring us Meko. The Bay area is home to B. Montana. And, the streets of Los Angeles are home to 4-Five.
Learn more about the members of this group by visiting
Danny Talevski (Paiday)
CEO & Directing Manager
P – (+61) 435913658
– (+1) 3236801603
E –
W –

February 27, 2013
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WOW! and the Way of Wade

WOW!DALLAS – Last week the excitement at FREEDAM Records rang through the halls as another form of WOW! took shape.  We have seen a church and restaurant use the popular term.  On February 25, it was announced that Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat has embraced the WOW! expression, as well.  It’s a very popular saying that is a perfect nickname for Dwayne, when considering his amazing accomplishments on and off the court.

As Dangerous Rob’s music video moves it’s way to TV stations and internet streaming sites (like popular webpages hosted by 50 Cent and Plies), it is apparent that WOW! has an extended life and will be around for awhile, especially with someone like Dwayne Wade embracing it.

When asked about the recent announcement of the Way of Wade (WOW), Dangerous Rob said, “It was humbling to see an NBA star and one of my favorite players with a similar background to mine embrace the popularity of WOW!”  Rob further stated, “WOW! is a universal expression used by many people and the kids seem to enjoy using it, too.”

On the same day of the news article, Dwayne posted a tweet saying, “So what do y’all think about my new nickname WoW…. Means (wayofwade)???”

In response to Dwayne’s tweet…… You can quote us as saying, “Dwayne, WE LOVE IT.”

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February 21, 2013
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Targeted promotional efforts for WOW!

DALLAS – The excitement behind the promotional and marketing efforts for the WOW! video comes on the heels of a great campaign last week, and Rive Video has even more awesome news this week.  The video has garnered even more regional TV love.  The WOW! video is receiving broadcast exposure in the following markets:

  • Flows & Beats in Denver, CO the past two weekends.  This show reaches over 1.5 million homes in the Greater Denver area.
  • The In Crowd in St Louis, MO
  • Music Innercity in Seattle, WA
  • Monmouth University’s HAWK-TV
  • Karamel Video Jams in Richmond, VA
  • The House of Hip Hop, Inglewood and Pasadena, CA
  • Numerous video streaming sites:,, The Cool TV Online, Urban Steez,, Rate It Slate,,, Friends or Enemies, Bebo, Viddler, Bolt, GrindTV and many, many more!

As a result of this exposure, Dangerous Rob will also do interviews via Skype with the show’s host on Music Innercity in Seattle.  Stay tuned for more great news about the WOW! video

February 7, 2013
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WOW! Gets More Attention

WOW! Kids

Kids open and close dialogue and comedic sketches of WOW! video.

LOS ANGELES – Stories, sketches, and moments that will have you laughing are all reasons for more industry attention.  That is what you can expect after the kids open by saying, “WOW!”  Dangerous Rob takes license to embrace comedic sketches of industry moguls, paying homage to Whitney Houston, and even makes play at FaceBook relationships and jealous lovers looking through cell phone texts messages.

The WOW! video was picked up by The House of Hip Hop, which is a half hour hip hop music video show based out of Inglewood CA. It also reaches into Pasadena CA area as well.  Overall, The House of Hip Hop reaches over 1 Million homes in the area.  When asked about the California exposure the General of Dogg Pound Next Generation, Dangerous Rob, said, “It feels good to have the video picked up by a west coast network because of my West Coast roots.”

Pasadena Ca. Channel 32 1:30 am , 2 :00 a.m.
Inglewood Ca. Channel 35  8:30 p:m Time Warner Cable

It is apparent why the WOW! video continues to garner industry exposure.

The House of Hip Hop will play the WOW! video alongside Method Man, Jon B, Ryan Leslie, Tyrese and many others in the playlist for the episode that will be airing this weekend.  Video promoter Kenny from Rive Video said, “Congratulations!  This is only the tip of the iceberg. We’ll have MUCH more to come over the length of the promotion with an early report coming later tonight.”

When asked about preliminary reports and all of the web exposure with Dangerous Rob, one of the kids in the video could only say, “WOW!”  The video can also be found on these popular websites:

The Daily Motion Site:

50 Cent’s Site:

Plies Site: 

Plies Site: 

February 4, 2013
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Big Game Bash #K104BigGame

Super Bowl Big Game Bash 2013DALLAS – The best party in the Dallas area to celebrate Super Bowl XLVII was the Big Game Bash produced by K104 FM, sponsored by 1800CarWreck.TV, and hosted at Lewisville Studio Movie Grill.  The building was filled with listeners, local celebrities, radio DJ’s, and even record executives.  With people coming from many places to watch the game at this momentous event, the radio station pulled no stops and went all in!

The bash was filled with music, contests, prizes and giveaways, karaoke, and interactive opportunities to engage attendees with things like Instagram tagging and a photo gallery on the radio station’s website.  The bash hash tag #K104BigGame filled twitter feeds from many of the attendees.

In all the excitement of a successful event, Dede McGuire took a minute to pose for the camera with Dangerous Rob.  FREEDAM Records sends a big “thank you” to everyone at K104 FM for the invitation.


January 31, 2013
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WOW! Video Makes International Run

Watch WOW! on YouTube

DALLAS – With the advent of a new year, Dangerous Rob has released a new high definition video.  The release of the WOW! video to more than 300 international outlets has garnered serious industry exposure and drawn more than 50,000 views since being published recently.  Dangerous Rob brings the video to life through his story telling abilities to captivate viewers.  The casting was an extremely thoughtful process and the video was shot in Tulsa, Dallas, Arlington, and Los Angeles while featuring a diverse variety of acting and modeling talent.

When asked about the video, Rob said, “We wanted a video that embraces people of all walks.  This video needed to embrace children, tell a story, and highlight the angles of life that make you say WOW!”  The video does exactly that.

Industry moguls are the essence of a comedic sketch in one scene while also playing homage to Whitney Houston in another scene with neighborhood children getting a piece of the “WOW!” action.  With support from Rive Video Promotion, the WOW! video has been added to websites in Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan and Germany while the list continues to grow. FREEDAM Records continues to market the record and is promoting it overseas now.  The label plans to continue producing, promoting, and putting the music and video in every channel possible with plans for more re-mixes in the future.

Video Scenes: Watch WOW! on YouTube

WOW! has been so popular Dangerous Rob produced two additional remixes featuring artists from his hometown and another with members of the Dogg Pound Next Generation.

To view the video, you can find it on

Phone:     347.687.4213    

October 11, 2012
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FREEDAM Distribution in Japan

(DALLAS) – Rekindling an old flame with the Japanese resulted in new avenues.  Dangerous Rob can now be easily found in Japan at  All distribution and exposure for Dangerous Rob is conveniently centralized for exposure in this Asian market.

According to music sources, Japan accounts for 22% of all global music sales (while the U.S. totals approximately 25%).  When asked about reaching across international waters to further improve sales and exposure, CEO Dangerous Rob said, “It made sense to revisit one of the world’s largest markets where I have been successful in the past.”

In the late 1990’s and around the dawn of the new millenium, Dangerous Rob was selling a significant amount of music and products in Japan.  A label promoter noted that “lunch boxes and stickers sold well” to the fans in Japan.

By embracing QR codes and the strength of previous successes, the label is ramping up to promote, track sales, and assess global web analytics on the label’s website at

August 29, 2012
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J Kruz Steps Outside the Box

J Kruz and Dangerous Rob

Raising the Bar supported by 97.9 FM/Dallas Weekly

(DALLAS, TX)  Dallas and The Beat’s celebrity DJ host, J Kruz, steps outside the box to Raise the Bar and interview Dangerous Rob, which is sponsored by 97.9FM and the Dallas Weekly segment in Them Streets.  Raising the Bar is a broadcast opportunity usually reserved for the best independent Texas artsists only.  With the advent of relocating the record label to Dallas, FREEDAM Records has been able to position Dangerous Rob for new horizons.  The interview talks about the single Tapp Out produced by Nitti from Atlanta and the new release from Dogg Pound Next Generation coming soon.

The interview with J Kruz was filmed by Banger Boy TV is on the home page at and subsequent segements with edgy and potentially controversial content will be posted in the next few weeks.  While Dangerous Rob was noted to have immensely enjoyed the time with J Kruz, it was noted they delved into aspects of the music business that would make an inexperienced rapper shut down.

When reflecting on the growth and market positioning, Dangerous Rob said, “I have to thank my native roots and support from people like Terry Monday and AB who gave great momentum with POWER 103 5 FMand 105.3 KJMM and all the Perry Publishing stations across the country.”

As a state favorite in Oklahoma with a long standing track record of success, taking the Dogg Pound brand and Dogg Pound Next Generation to the next level was essential to the continuation of improving the new group’s exposure.  As an independent group without the resources of major labels, support from celebrity DJ’s like J Kruz continues to help inch the Dogg Pound Next Generation forward.

Now, the Outlaw Entertainment Group has stepped in to aid FREEDAM Records in the expansion of their online presence with improved SEO, digital downloads, and stronger web presence with interactive content and information.  “Keeping the site fresh and engaging is an important part of keeping people coming back and telling their friends so the venture with Outlaw made sense and keeps in the spirit of the brand,” said Dangerous Rob.