J Kruz Steps Outside the Box

J Kruz and Dangerous Rob

Raising the Bar supported by 97.9 FM/Dallas Weekly

(DALLAS, TX)  Dallas and The Beat’s celebrity DJ host, J Kruz, steps outside the box to Raise the Bar and interview Dangerous Rob, which is sponsored by 97.9FM and the Dallas Weekly segment in Them Streets.  Raising the Bar is a broadcast opportunity usually reserved for the best independent Texas artsists only.  With the advent of relocating the record label to Dallas, FREEDAM Records has been able to position Dangerous Rob for new horizons.  The interview talks about the single Tapp Out produced by Nitti from Atlanta and the new release from Dogg Pound Next Generation coming soon.

The interview with J Kruz was filmed by Banger Boy TV is on the home page at and subsequent segements with edgy and potentially controversial content will be posted in the next few weeks.  While Dangerous Rob was noted to have immensely enjoyed the time with J Kruz, it was noted they delved into aspects of the music business that would make an inexperienced rapper shut down.

When reflecting on the growth and market positioning, Dangerous Rob said, “I have to thank my native roots and support from people like Terry Monday and AB who gave great momentum with POWER 103 5 FMand 105.3 KJMM and all the Perry Publishing stations across the country.”

As a state favorite in Oklahoma with a long standing track record of success, taking the Dogg Pound brand and Dogg Pound Next Generation to the next level was essential to the continuation of improving the new group’s exposure.  As an independent group without the resources of major labels, support from celebrity DJ’s like J Kruz continues to help inch the Dogg Pound Next Generation forward.

Now, the Outlaw Entertainment Group has stepped in to aid FREEDAM Records in the expansion of their online presence with improved SEO, digital downloads, and stronger web presence with interactive content and information.  “Keeping the site fresh and engaging is an important part of keeping people coming back and telling their friends so the venture with Outlaw made sense and keeps in the spirit of the brand,” said Dangerous Rob.

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