FREEDAM Distribution in Japan

(DALLAS) – Rekindling an old flame with the Japanese resulted in new avenues.  Dangerous Rob can now be easily found in Japan at  All distribution and exposure for Dangerous Rob is conveniently centralized for exposure in this Asian market.

According to music sources, Japan accounts for 22% of all global music sales (while the U.S. totals approximately 25%).  When asked about reaching across international waters to further improve sales and exposure, CEO Dangerous Rob said, “It made sense to revisit one of the world’s largest markets where I have been successful in the past.”

In the late 1990’s and around the dawn of the new millenium, Dangerous Rob was selling a significant amount of music and products in Japan.  A label promoter noted that “lunch boxes and stickers sold well” to the fans in Japan.

By embracing QR codes and the strength of previous successes, the label is ramping up to promote, track sales, and assess global web analytics on the label’s website at

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