Paiday Inc. Takes DPNG International

LOS ANGELES – Hold up.  Wait a minute.  It’s Dangerous Rob and Dogg Pound Next Generation (DPNG) up in it.  Through his interview, Dangerous Rob talks to Hype Magazine about his relation with Paiday, Inc. and he covers the much anticipated international Resurrection of Hip Hop #TROHH concert in South Korea at Icheon Songdo Park on September 6 – 8, 2013.

To celebrate and prepare for this moment, the Dogg Pound Next Generation, will meet with their new international management firm in Los Angeles to promote their first major album release.  The self-titled album, Don’t Play No Games (DPNG), is expected to do well.  The group’s international management firm, Paiday Inc., will be on hand to talk about the upcoming concert in South Korea, as well as tentative plans for the future.

Dangerous Rob stated, “This has been a long time coming, but reflects the dedication, passion, and persistence necessary to make bold, big moves in a tough music industry.”

DPNG is a movement that currently features “6 Different Faces from 6 Different Places” with members strategically placed in metropolitan markets.  The General, Dangerous Rob, has patiently developed the music and mission of the group.  When asked about the slow progression, he stated, “I am very pleased with the group’s targeted efforts to protect the brand as we inched our way to international acclaim and the first finish line.”

CEO of Paiday, Inc. Management further stated, “I will reiterate my last quote:  To take Dangerous Rob and his record label’s efforts international is a true source of pride and accomplishment. After all, The Dogg Pound needs no introduction.”

Brace yourself. Buckle up. And get ready for the resurrection of hip hop #TROHH.

Danny Talevski (Paiday)
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