Dangerous Rob

Robert C. Daniels, also known as Dangerous Rob, has been in the record industry for 20 years. He recorded his first rap record at the age of 15 with a group named THOB-MOB.  After graduating from high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dangerous Rob went to Langston University. There he performed in talent shows and rap contests. Ultimately, he put his educational goals aside and released his second record. With the combined forces of Partners-N-Rhyme a local rap group, this record was distributed nationwide. It independently sold more than 10,000 copies of the single “Cold Chillin in the Middle” nationwide. This popularity allowed him to perform with many big named artists like LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Juvenile to name a few and aided in the expansion of his markets in Japan, Germany, and now the United Kingdom.  Download the PDF Press Kit.


Dangerous Rob’s most popular video, Cause I’m Black, first debuted at a showing in Hollywood.D-Rob simply explains his style is founded in “Middleism.”  ‘Middleism’ is a style that adds a lighter touch to gangsta rap, yet still keeps the brutal honesty gangsta rap is famous for.  In addition to the rave review in Murder Dog Magazine, Dangerous Rob has been nominated for a Spotnik award for best hip hop/rap artist on several occasions.  The Tulsa World seemingly presents the Spotnik Awards to local musicians.With the creation of the DPGC Next Generation, and release of “Itz a DANGEROU$ World” things have really progressed and exposure in new markets has emerged.  Dangerous Rob manages his own label, FREEDAM Records, and has plans to  produce different acts in the City of Tulsa. DANGEROUS ROB has expanded his horizons with the endorsement of The Dogg Pound’ and upcoming Dogg Pound Next Generation! Dangerous Rob is no stranger to radio, either, with songs like “Love the Player,” “Cause I’m Black,” and “Thinkin’ of You.” In addition to his radio play, you must make sure to cop the “Dangerous Rob mix tape” titled “Comin’ from Da Thugg” that is hosted by BROK Bundlez and hailed as a collector’s item with EXCLUSIVE TRACKS featuring Daz Dillinger and Makivelli, Snoop Dogg, and many other fire tracks. In 1995 Dangerous Rob released Bakkk From the Middle which sold over 6,000 copies. “It’s a T-Town thing” is a cut that best represents the positive direction that his ‘Middleism’ style is taking him. In 1999 Dangerous Rob released At Tha Bank which gained nationwide attention when Murder Dog Magazine rated it the 8th Best Independent Rap CD in the country.

In 2003 D-Rob released “Grind Til-U-Shine” reinforcing himself as the premier hip-hop artist in Tulsa and throughout the Midwest.  In 2005, Dangerous Rob released, “Dangerous On Arrival” and “S.I.S.T.A.” which is his greatest hits album.  The slated release of “Itz a Dangerous World” carried 3 radio releases and sold in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.


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