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J Kruz with DFW The Beat

(DALLAS, TX)  Dallas and Dangerous Rob keep Raising the Bar with J Kruz this Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 11:30 pm sponsored by Dallas Weekly and 97.9FM The Beat!  This time Dangerous Rob joins the late night show, Raising the Bar, for an interview with celebrity host, J Kruz.  In a press release, KBFB PD [until 2011]  JOHN CANDELARIA commented, “KBFB is revamping its lineup and KRUZ represents a new passion and dedication to THE BEAT.  KRUZ embodies the lifestyle we are targeting. He is a fun, high-energy personality with enthusiasm for the community, and commitment to interactive social networking.”  The new PD in 2012, Mark McCray, continues to forge ahead with progressive moves in the digital arena, as well.

When asked about the interview, Dangerous Rob said, “I look forward to choppin’ it up with J Kruz who is progressive and on top of his ‘A’ game.”  Aspects like social networking, online promotions, and the digital era have ushered in new avenues for independent artists like Dangerous Rob and forward thinking professionals like J Kruz with similar ideas have aided in the expansion of the FREEDAM name in overseas markets like Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

You can find more information about this show by visiting   You can listen to the show online through Black Planet or by visiting the radio station’s website and clicking on “Music” at the top of the home page.

Since making the executive decision to relocate to the Dallas area, FREEDAM Records has seen measurable growth in web traffic and popularity with Dangerous Rob’s music through online music sales.   With the development of FREEDAM Marketing and the construction of a microsite for Dogg Pound Next Generation, Dangerous Rob expects even more growth with ongoing efforts from management and the promotion team.

The advent of singles like Tapp Out, I’m that Dude, and Dangerous Wayz gives listeners something new and fresh from the FREEDAM Records catalog.

Raising the Bar is sponsored by Dallas Weekly and 97.9FM The Beat.  You can learn more about FREEDAM Records, Dangerous Rob, and Dogg Pound Next Generation by visiting

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  1. Dangerous Rob has the work ethic and genuine love for his craft that’s missing with a lot of artists. He’s a pioneer in the Oklahoma rap scene and proved his talent was worth major attention, co-signed by Daz, Kurupt and Big A. Keep Rob on your radar as he continues to spread his music around the world.